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What our customers say

"Every week we order our groceries from Everyday Vegan Grocer. The produce is fresh and even when new stock arrives after my order has been placed, Amanda lets me know of the new items so I can add to more order. They always give me advanced notice of delivery time and has exceptional hygiene practice. Love Every Day Vegan"

- Bronwyn

"Fantastic service! Got a text in the morning reminding me of the delivery of my order. Delivery updates to let me know approximately what time the delivery would happen. I appreciate that very much. Thank you. Plus delivered in a reusable bag. Winner. They’ve got themselves a repeat customer!

- Izad

"Thank you so much, Everyday Vegan; for the messages and deliveries. Because of health reasons, I’ve gradually transit over to a vegan diet. It isn’t exactly easy as my boys are still rather new to this lifestyle and I’m very very glad that through Everyday Vegan, I can find various range of organic and vegan supplies. Trust me, it really makes my life so much easier! I’ll highly recommend anyone to shop online with Everyday Vegan because not only are the food delivered in good qualities, the snacks are delicious. Oh! And deliveries are always very prompt.

- Kimberley

Get $50 worth of welcome vouchers!

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